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Blue Angels 2016

Cody Brooks has been ripping ATV's since he could reach the peddle. Started off racing, now just a mechanical genius when it comes to the ATV world. Cody is a student at the Univeristy of Mississippi and a Polaris Mechanic on the side. He has collected some sweet footage as he travels around the country breaking axles and will be sharing his redneck ways with us for our new "Off Road" series

Ronald McDonald House: Clays for Kids

Ole Miss Tri-Delta "Clays for Kids" benefiting St.Jude Children's Research Hospital

Ole South Outfitters 

2016 "Clays for Kids" Benefiting Ronald McDonald House

Experience the South

Take it "Off Road"

Buck Garnder Game Calls, Memphis TN

Team Renegade Outdoors  is a production company that was founded in 2013 by McLane McGuire and long time friend John David Santi in Fisherville, Tennessee. Since then, Team Renegade has grown in size with crew, content & camera gear. Today, Team Renegade Outdoors works with outdoor companies, growing bands and local business' to better their brand. The TR crew consider themselves “The Next Generation” of outdoor enthusiast. This select group of avid outdoorsman virtually take their audience into the field with them as they create "real life"  outdoor films. Guiding young hunters, like themselves, on how to use proper etiquette while in the outdoor world and how to be a successful sportsman. Touching specifically on conservation, and how important it is that we as the sportsman, put back what we take out so that one day our kids will get to experience the same fun and memories we did growing up. Overall, Team Renegade is a fun loving family that spends as much time in the outdoors as they can while documenting their memories and passion for mother nature. So join us on our adventures this year as we partner with and share some of our weekly outdoor articles